Damage Guard How this attack can be guarded.

. All of her Drive moves have 3 levels - holding down the D button.

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but by min-maxing.

5. I don't agree with Bang being a rushdown as he is more of a "poke"/"punisher" imo. List interesting properties in bullet points like invul, floating opponents on CH, etc.


Damage Guard How this attack can be guarded. BlazBlue Central Fiction S Tier List (2023). .

Feb 7, 2019 · BLAZBLUE CENTRALFICTION Special Edition is the definitive release of the fourth game to the BlazBlue series for the Nintendo Switch eShop. Izanami is an offensive powerhouse with a multitude of options to open the opponent up and start her turn.

But im Sure Naoto and Hazama will be the main hero and villain moving forward.

List what the move is used for.

Voice actors are listed as Japanese/English. Sengoku Basara for the new Toonami Block,.

. Bad matchups are bad matchups and that matters at intermediate play as much as high level.

Non-playable characters Ada Clover Voiced by (Japanese): Chiaki Takahashi.
In the BlazBlue Central Fiction tier list, the fighters are divided into 5 tiers: S-tier, A-tier, B-tier, C-tier, and D-tier.



Calamity Trigger;. . As Kagura's servant and assistant, he is loyal to a fault and would do whatever he is.

; Jin and Mu-12 are the best options players have to pick in A Tier as they have the best Score,. . It is set after the events of BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma. May 15, 2023 · Overview. fc-smoke">Oct 31, 2020 · Command Lists.


An anime adaptation aired in Autumn 2013. Ada Clover (エイダ=クローバー, Eida Kurōbā) is Carl's older sister, and frequently doted on him when she was still human.



May 15, 2023 · Makoto concentrates a large amount of energy in her fists for extremely powerful punches.

Understanding why Terumi is on the opposite end of the tier list as Izanami is probably going to matter if ur actually learning and playing the game.

She uses the weapon Smash Hail [2], a gauntlet attached to her left arm.