1 GB (7 days) 3 GB (30 days) 5 GB (30 days).


. The SIM/eSIM ICCID is located on the SIM card itself.

US Mobile prepaid SIM cards offer wireless coverage on the Verizon 5G and 4G LTE network.


. . To choose your data line, go to Settings > Cellular > Cellular (or Mobile) data.


Purchase and setup your eSIM in just one minute. Options: 1) Premium Unlimited Data Only (1~30 Days) This data-only sim card does NOT come with a Korean local phone number. eSIM is digital SIM, built into mobile devices.

. For long stays (30 days and more) Best Mobile App: T-Mobile.


One-month expiry period.

90. class=" fc-falcon">Our recommendation (best value): Nomad and Simtex.

The brand name is pronounced "You-bee-gee". .

for most plans) and customers choosing lower-prioritized plans may notice lower speeds than other customers.
12 μm pixel width.
2 aperture.

Apple Watch.

$15/mth for the first 6 months, then $30/mth ongoing.

All eSIM. If it doesn’t, you can add the details through your Apple watch app. Unlimited mins Unlimited texts.

<span class=" fc-falcon">Our recommendation (best value): Nomad and Simtex. . . . Forget about roaming and searching for public WiFi networks. Plan.


International MMS/ message. 1GB 4G/5G Data.

Connect to Wi-Fi®.

au before a Prepaid Plan can be activated.

500GB Data Bank ^.


Scan it to install the eSIM and start enjoying the service!.